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🗓 Day by day, we are designing, building and inventing. Whether it's sketching or engineering, our journey is all about making awesome things!

⭐️ New Productivity Services available for creators and small businesses:

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💫 Be One of a Kind

🌟 One of the main ways you can support the Channel is by buying our apparel. We are are striving to create original art and have a unique vision in streetwear and fashion.

💊 Doc's Favorites are HERE

Control The Memes Of Production

The Machine is on.

Welcome! I am pumping out reposts and videos is a means to an an end.

Entertain, Motivate, and Share Knowledge and Info!


With an active accordance to internet law we will keep the meme merch on deck.

Coming Soon!

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✨New Clients...

From Art to Data we are expanding our endeavors.

➡️ New opportunities for collaboration, business, and productivity.

➡️ Please Visit our new New Service Page

Are you a Creative?

✨New Industry Node is in full effect: Join Here

Specials And Deals

😎 Specials

We are diligently working on perfecting our subscriptions and email messaging, with the intention of offering special discounts to show our gratitude to our esteemed customers.


🪑 Montgomery 2023-White Chair T-Shirt



🤑 $20 T-Shirt Deals



🌱 Cleveland Indica Series T-Shirts $20



🟡 New Rewards Program see the yellow floating bubble!


🔁 A Recurring Business Model that services the people!

From 3D Printed Jewelry, Apparel and Client Based Services we aim to meet all your creative and business needs.

More details will be announced

📆 Nov. 17th.

Contact us for more information:



👥 One of our main aims is to generate enough revenue to contribute towards others' dreams and provide them with the same opportunities that we all aspire to.

➡️ Details on how you can help

✉️ email:

Check out our latest projects!

Experience our vision come to life each day as we work tirelessly to make it a reality. Discover what's happening behind the scenes and find out how you can become a part of our journey!

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  • Infinite Monk 11x17

    Now Available!

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  • Now Available!

    Personal and curated exploration of some of my favorite Abstract work.

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  • Capsule I

    Capsule I -Original Print Series. Animation. Videos.

    New Universes. December 2023.

  • 3D Printing

    New Designs and Sculpture works that include jewelry.


  • Music

    Unreleased projects for 2023.

  • Surrealium 2024


☥ Sphinx of Kush Tee

Exclusive! The Ancient Future is here.

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