NEW UPDATES: 7/1-7/4


  • 30 Day Buddha Experience

    New Creative Work.

    More info soon.

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  • Sacred Objects Update

    We are getting back in the studio next week. More prints and more cuts.

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  • Abstracts

    Ink on Paper works from the last Four years.

  • AI Integration

    We are engaging in discussions with people smarter than us to incorporate cutting-edge AI tools into our creative workflow and product development.


    API management and implementation meeting set for Summer 2023 in California.

  • Cosmic Skulls

    New Art Project Subscription. Art from Doc Surreal and other curated artists.

  • Capsule II

    Every Capsule.

  • History of Doc Surreal

    A proper origin story and history.

  • Doc Surreal Makes Music.

    I have albums that are unheard and unreleased.

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