30 Day Buddha Experience Homepage

For Immediate Release:

After much reflection, I have decided to release my first original art project for sale. It consists of 30 drawings I created in September 2020, which will be accompanied by a book.

The Purpose:

My work serves a dual purpose, fueled by a noble and inspiring energy that I hope resonates with people.

Firstly, it celebrates the spiritual and artistic journey that led to its creation. Every drawing and journal entry is a pure reflection of life and a catalyst for personal growth, offering a fresh perspective and a chance for new beginnings.

Secondly, this project serves as a foundation for future endeavors. It builds on the ideas and experiences I've developed over the past two years before and after its creation, paving the way for new and exciting projects to come.


    Originally written in a Google Doc. This was the declaration. A journal.

    Part 1: Meditate. 

    Transmutate time and space. There is no time too short or too long to transcend the day. The act and presence of mind to sit, in silence or chant, sitting or laying down. Just Be.

     Part 2: Journal.

    I’m keeping a journal of my immediate thoughts when I finish each day from the mediation. The Logos. 

     Part 3:  Create.

    Draw a Buddha everyday based-off the energy of the meditation and how I’m feeling. I’m using the same Buddha template everyday, but how and what medium I use will change. This becomes a form of meditation. The day is the inception date but the drawing is finished when I want throughout this 30 day experience. 

     Part 4: Transcend.

    Be a better person. Take my anger and process it to be kinder and be more patient. Believe in myself no matter what. Live life, when it’s ready to be lived. Embrace the journey of life on my own terms. 

    Day 4
    Day 4 Meditation Drawing